Spell it for me!

Spell any word to different alphabets and phonetic alphabets

Using the API

Spell it for me uses a very basic API to query different dictionaries and that API is public.


Queries against the API need to be via GET and a JSON array representation is returned


  • text: the text to spell
  • lang: the dictionary


  • Query: https://spellitforme.org/api.php?text=test&lang=nato
  • JSON response: {"result":[{"letter":"t","0":{"data":"Tango"}},{"letter":"e","0":{"data":"Echo"}},{"letter":"s","0":{"data":"Sierra"}},{"letter":"t","0":{"data":"Tango"}}]}

Currently available dictionaries

  • nato
  • ipa
  • nato-spanish
  • lapd
  • spanish
  • french

Latest words